What is ecstasy?

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On Apr 1, 2016

By Martians Alive

To taste that sweet upon sweet; candy syrupiness; honey succulent; sickly-sweetness,

when my penchant for kisses slowly caressing your chocolate skin conquers my being.

To feel that quiver as it runs through your perfect body when my slender finger grazes your skin,

As my strong tongue torments your nipples in my mouth surrounding you with my wings.

To hear a moan escape from your soft sweet lips as your tummy plunges when your mind realizes that it is also plummeting not into just depths but vertiginous apexes of carnalities.

To hear you gasp as my breath tenderly stokes your love bud, ever so delicately I reach where I had been waiting years for, in that rose-wet cave where delectable pleasures await me stoke after stroke.

To feel your touch on me. Strong; protective; searching and begging me to rescue you from this place,

A place where you are barely here yet barely there, a whole giddy dimension.

To feel your touch on me, crying to be set free, free from the bondages of yearn and desire.

Yet pleading to be held tightly in that snare of insatiable wanton, shameless hunger.

To watch your mind levitate together with your arching back as the heat mounts, wave after wave.

As my body permeates into yours until you feel me coursing through your veins.

To tenderly yet passionately; lovingly yet shamelessly; delicately yet intensely,

Watch the heat rising, the hunger, the ache, the lust, the yearning all consuming.

To see it overwhelming, devouring, incinerating, obliterating, engulfing, downing you.

As you touch the crest the wave rocks and wrecks us, till u lay expended.

To see you smile coz you are ruined, worn out, exhausted and depleted

Veins emptied, you are spent but above all satisfied

That’s what I call ECSTASY!


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