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On Jan 29, 2019

By Khauhelo ‘Mile  

I need a road that can lead me straight to you; my forbidden fruit.

My Eve in a baggy tee-shirt and size 7 Converses ,

waiting for God to attend to your table because life hasn’t exactly been so easy on you.

I’m waiting on the day my path crosses yours and maybe we can share the same breath,

and for the first time, 8hours won’t be what’s in our way.

Maybe we could try a little something gay.

Maybe we could sit out in clear-blue skies,

talking about nothing and waiting for the minute we get tired of each other.

I know my life is full of gaping holes,

many of which will be ready to spit you out even before holding you in,

We might be a bit too lost in our own maze, far too gone into a life we both never prepared for,

I know my hand won’t always fit in yours, and my words won’t always make you smile.

I’d say I’m willing to go all the way but I’m just so afraid of the red lights ahead of the journey,

I want to tell you that this is crazy, but you look so beautiful,

your embrace is so tender and you can’t seem to stay off my mind,

my days only circulate around thoughts of you.

But if I ever say I’m in love;

I fear that my life will never be mine,

I won’t be the woman you fell for,

We won’t have what we could have,

If I say how I feel,things just won’t be the same.

So you stay my forbidden fruit,

My Eve in bongo dreadlocks and Zulu tongue traces, waiting for the world to stop making homosexuals an endangered species. Waiting for 8 hours to finally lapse so love can reside here.

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