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Watch: HOLAA in a Hot Spot: Advice on potential polygamy, toxic exes and sex and cuddles (Video) - HOLAAfrica!

Watch: HOLAA in a Hot Spot: Advice on potential polygamy, toxic exes and sex and cuddles (Video)

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Dear HOLAA Hot Spot wise person,

I just found out that my partner of 18 months is engaged to someone else. I found out in a wedding announcement in our local paper. She had told me she was single and that the man was her cousin. I am heart broken. She has said that we can still be together, it is only she will now be living with a new roommate after the wedding. She has assured me that we are still a couple and in love. I want to believe her.

Should I consider being in this polygamous relationship?

Kind regards,

Potentially Polygamous


Hey HOLAA in a Hot Spot

I am in a dilemma. I am still in love with my toxic ex. I know they are not good for me and I cannot tell anyone how much I want to get back with her because everyone knows she is trash. The relationship was not good but there is a way I can be around her that makes me feel so free. I want to be with her but can’t tell anyone.

What should I do?

In Love With My Ex


Good day HOLAA hot spot,

I met the most magical woman and for three months we have been talking, flirting, hanging out, making out and cuddling. It is so nice being around her but the lack of sex is getting a bit much. I am being patient and calm but I really want to f**k. I think she does too but we it seems we are both waiting and too scared to ask. How should I bring it up without looking too thirsty?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Needing that sweet drink

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