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#PleaseHerNamibia: A Live Tweet of the Namibian safe sex and pleasure convo - HOLAAfrica!

#PleaseHerNamibia: A Live Tweet of the Namibian safe sex and pleasure convo

We held a safe sex and pleasure dialogue with some women and gender non conforming persons in Namibia and it was awesome and wild. We also managed to get them some of our safe sex and pleasure manuals. They hit us with some dope wisdom and some dope convo and we tackled some tough topics.

We based the whole thing on this manual (download it here and the french version here) and this workbook (download it here). Feel free to use both within your spaces. They are so fun and funky to use and totally FREE!

We have also been to Botswana and Johburg with #PleaseHer. Also check out when we were taught about kink and safe sex by incredible women in Johburg.

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