A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective

HOLAA! (Hub Of Loving Action Africa)


We are PanAfricanist Queer Womanist collective creating an interactive web space where African women within the continent and in the diaspora can express themselves.

This is how we work:

We recruit contributors so you can e-mail us your offerings, we will post it on our blog (and our other social networking sites) and you take part in the cycle of learning, connecting and sharing.

As we want you to share anything and everything that pertains to your identity as an African woman we welcome all sorts of content: from current affairs, artist’s profiles, dating, parties, arts and requests for advice/ support.

Whatever you’re interested in is what we’re interested in ;)

Also feel free to post your contributions to HOLAA! and/ or features on your personal blog(s) or social networking sites – provided that you link it back to HOLAA!

Get in touch with us and get heard!

E-mail: holaafricaonline@gmail.com

Twitter: @HOLAAfrica




All copyright of material published on this site remains with the authors of the material. All material can only be utilized with express permission of the author.

9 comments on “HOLAA! (Hub Of Loving Action Africa)

  1. <3 HOLLAAfrica!

  2. Lynn

    Thank u 4 welcumin me. Hp 2 enjoy my stay in here

  3. laragemini

    This is amazing. I love it so much

    • HOLAA!

      We are glad! You should write for the site! We would love to have you!

  4. Thandeka TJ Jwaha

    I LOVE THIS soooooo much

  5. Refiloe "Songbird" Mabato

    Im ecstatic 2 finally get da opportuity 2 share my ideas and feelings thru writting. Dis wil definately be da start of a new Blessed beginning.. Thanx Hub Of Loving Action Africa. :D xoxoxoxo

    • HOLAA!

      We would be honoured to have you share your ideas here! please feel absolutely free to come through and have your say! remember email holaafricaonline@gmail.com to submit things!

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  • RT @curiousgyrl: @mishsolomon thanks.but it wasn't only me .several women in the industry have been speaking out and about this for a... 16 hours ago
  • A panel about the inclusion of Wa Mamatu who was convicted of sexual assault of students as a drama lecturer back into arts sector. 1 day ago
  • .@curiousgyrl says even if cannot do anything for those has violated can do something about victims who may cross his path. #SexualAssault 1 day ago
  • @khonaiza says that there is a phenomenon in which people feel they are entitled to peoples bodies as a path to success. #SexualAssault 1 day ago
  • Its so strange how the only male panelist is the one who defended Wa Mamatu's reintroduction into the arts sector. #SexualAssault 1 day ago

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