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No title does not mean we are silent

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On Apr 22, 2012

By Siphu

I stand here to proclaim a love so deadly
A love that whispers “look at that fucking dyke pretending to be a man”
in my ears as I lay in bed at night
a love that I have spent years of my existence
willing and praying away yet still remains
Waldo, a gay man murdered in 2008
Luanda a gay man raped in 2008
Sizakele and Salome lesbians rapes and murdered in 2007
Thokozani raped and murdered in 2007
Eudy murdered in 2008
Khanyiswa murdered in 2008

May your souls rest in peace uncorrected fore
I stand here no longer ashamed and
Ready to carry on your fight
For years fear plagued my dreams but no more
I stand here to proclaim I embrace this love
I choose to remember those who have become mere statistics in the mouths of the world
Your deaths will not be in vain
Beautiful mother city
Gay capital of Africa with
Homophobic skeletons in its closet
Buried deep in our ignorance
I unearth your secrets
Millicent Gaika a lesbian raped in 2010
Luleka a lesbian was raped in 2009
Sibongile a lesbian from Khayelitsha was raped and murdered in 2009
Sibongile a lesbian from Strand was raped and murdered in 2008
Your suffering will not be in vain
Rapists and murderers roam the streets
Laughing with the cops that are meant to arrest them
Plotting the next lesbian or gay man to be corrected of their disease
Zoliswa Nkonyana, rest in peace
Your case has been laid to rest, even though it took eight years
Today I stand here to proclaim
A love that I am willing to fight to the death for.