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The Wildness Ep 24: How to digitally send your bare a** safely(ish)

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On Feb 9, 2019

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

Where have the wild ones been? How do you send your naked body over the interwebs? Why is revenge porn a scam?

And we’re baaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!!

Welcome to Season 2 Wild Ones. Tiff and Manda have been plotting away in the stu coming up with awesome episodes for season número dos. This episode we do a young recap of what the wildness is for baby Wild Ones who will be joining us this season and jumping straight into the art and complexity of sending segzy pics through the innanets. We delve into revenge porn and if that name is legit or nah.

Grab your wine, take a sexy snap of your knee (listen, it’ll make sense lol) and lets get it popping for 20-FINEteen

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