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The Final Frontier

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On Apr 29, 2012

By Tiffany

Humanity is about pushing boundaries. We are naturally disposed to go from frontier to frontier…new discovery to new discovery. When unbridled with restraints we surge forward with great viva and verge.

So why would someone think that telling their lover that they are not held back would bring about ‘internal restrictions’?

 Makes no sense…

 We want to know what’s out there. How far we can go. We want to find out what how deep the rabbit hole goes. That is why we went to the moon. Why we went further than the candle and built the light bulb. It is also why we wonder what the girl with the beautiful dreadlocks will do to make you come.

We. Want. To. Know. Its not because we have decided reality as we know it doesn’t cut it, we just want to experience whether there is…life out there.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is not a plea for an open relationship. It not an anthem for those who cheat. It’s a reality. We naturally as humans seek knowledge and experience.

We want to know what’s out there. We want to know if
there is something that will make us go faster, go harder, scream louder. We want to know. That’s why we have the iphone 4S. Why we have the blackberry torch. Even though the nokia 3310 is probably the best phone of all time. Why we can see into the far galaxies instead of just looking into the skies and mapping random bunches of stars into constellations. Why we want to know exactly how milky that girl’s way is.

Knowledge breeds the thirst for more knowledge and anyone who has ever slept with a woman will know a stream of knowledge gushes forth when you part someone’s. So it is only fitting that a thirst for more may arise.

But to take an about turn on the issue (mostly due to being more sober than when I wrote the first one) exploration is all very well and good but you set up home where we you did for a reason. Sure the cosmos can be exciting but on earth you have a bed and a home…and oxygen. Yes that girl could seem like the most exciting thing at the moment but what you have at home is probably better.

A virtual playground of opportunity but remember…games are for children but STDs are for adults. If you do want to see what’s out there have a good chat about it with your partner they may surprise you. At the end of the day we are all a little curious about what’s out there, why not be curious together? Don’t be shocked when a partner is distracted by shiny things. Its human nature to want more or else we would still be using stone tools. The key is to make sure you communicate about it before things get…sticky.