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On May 8, 2017

“I raised you better Mpho! You will not bring a woman into my house!”

“But Ma, I love her!”

“Bullshit! What do you know about love? Does the Bible say that we should love men or our fellow women? I am ashamed of you! You are a disgrace!”


“Quiet Mpho! I am not yet done. I hate your kind and you are my child. I will not allow you to be a bloody homosexual! No!”

“Ma! I love this woman and nothing will change that. Not even you Ma!”

*Slaps me hard across the face *

“No matter how many times you hit me Ma, it will never change who I am. I am gay. Gay!”

“Shut up you bloody child. Shut up! What do you see in that harlot? She has clearly bewitched you!”

In an exasperated voice I replied, “Ma, I love you and I believe fighting will solve nothing. Please allow me to tell you why I love this woman…”


*Literally begging*

“Ma please? Please.”

*5 minutes pass*

*deep sigh*

“Okay. What about this woman?” She asks me while making herself comfortable on a stool.

*Deep sigh*

“Okay. The first time I met her, I was a total mess. Books and a cup of coffee in hand, we bumped into each other in the library. After exchanging sheepish apologies, we both went our separate ways. I never knew who she was until later on.

Her face became part of my dreams every night. I relived every detail about her. How she smelled on that day. The gap she had on her tooth. How her eyes lit up when she smiled. How she repeatedly said sorry when I was the one who had run into her. How she held my hand  a moment longer while helping me on my feet.

Fast forward three months later, here I am, holding her in my arms every day. I am the luckiest woman alive. I love this woman. She is my everything. She keeps me warm. People ask me what I always see in her but I can’t explain.

All I know is that I want her in a way I have never wanted anyone before. She makes me whole. She is my better half. The way she moans when I please her, literally drives me crazy. I can spend the whole day listening to her rant. Her smell is like a drug to me. Crushed cranberries on ice. I love this woman. She is a total mess; books and clothes scattered everywhere but I love her still, flaws and all.

I love this woman Ma. Don’t you see it? She makes me happy. I don’t care what society says, I want to be with this woman Ma. I don’t care if I may not be able to legally get married to her but Ma, I want this woman.

I know she looks masculine and yes, most of her behaviour are manlike but that’s what I love about her. She is mine Ma, mine and I am happy she chose me.

Please don’t spoil this for us Ma. For just this once, be happy for us. For me. Accept that this is who I am and help me grow. Just like Pa did. Ma, it’s this woman that I want and I am willing to change for her.


I am in love with a woman and I will definitely spend the rest of my life with her.

Please don’t try to change me.”

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