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On Apr 11, 2013

By Christie FossilSoul van Zyl

Countless rounds of oscillating movement,
yet different sensation…
Manouvres that titillate the senses,
leaving one defenseless;
Now stripped naked to the core
with nothing to hide,
just the soul to expose…

Lead to this state of no arsenal, by
rhythmic passion, that starts at the warmth
of tender lips, a kiss blasting of the juice
of bliss that just Slips its caress into a
contagious rage of magic adhesive that has
one magnetized to your every movement, to your
every longing, & has one desperate to
touch you deep within, like your hidden desires.

This here manifestation of secret
undressings nested in the mind,
Plays itself out as if it was rehearsed,
produced, directed and edited; YET-
this is simply the language in
which our souls form unison, the form
in which I See you…

Sensation… the place where you and I, be it for just one moment or an eternity…
the place where you and I become One!

2010 ©

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