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Osunality: African LGBTI Female body and the Erotic (Photo essay)

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On Feb 13, 2014

Osunality: A term coined by Nkiru Nzegwu. A Pleasure principle at the heart of creative energy which is metaphorically referred to as Osun’s Honey. She calls it Osunality.

When people think about the African female LGBTI body people often think of its brutal and harsh existence. It has been the battle ground on which political, religious, moral and cultural battles have been fought and is seen by the world as a place that is occupied by violence, oppression and exclusion.  The female LGBT body has been described as ‘a walking corpse’ in some cases with the popular narrative only paying attention to brutal side to their lived experience.

But this is only a small part of the story. Important. But small.

There is a whole world past that where the sensual and sexual meet. A world modeled on the beautiful form of the female African LGBTI body. A body not brutalised by violence but that speaks to the erotic, the sexual and the sensual. That speaks of pleasure and passion. This photo essay seeks to counteract those ideas and speak to something different, seeks to invite those who see it to briefly enter another world not marred by the scars of a one sided tale.

It shows a love of the female LGBTI body in all its beauty and power, a love of the erotic.

Model: Kgothatso Motshele find her on Twitter

Photographer: Siphumeze Khundayi check out more of her photos on Ithongo Musings