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On Sep 27, 2012

By ‘Women who sleep with women’
A few women tell they thought about during sex with their lovely female partners:

‘Am I pleasing my partner as much as they are pleasing me?’
‘Terrible, terrible things.’
‘She is screaming and moaning…wait…is she faking it?’
‘What’s on the grocery list this month?’
‘…*blank mind*…’

‘I am so lucky to have her’ * proceeds to cry*
‘Maybe I should go back to my ex? /should I call an ambulance? /is this normal?/ Are we done yet?/ Could have done this better myself. ’(if its bad)
‘Where did I put the chocolate?’
‘I don’t think, I turn primal and things…happen’
‘Think? Surely no body does that.’
‘What should I wear tomorrow…’
‘Her grandmother. KIDDING I’m not a pervert’
‘ “Shit this woman is so sexy”. But most of the time I’m lost in her moans and groans’
‘Is she feeling the intimacy of this moment?’
‘I’m just dissolved in the moment’
‘Does she feel seen and human?’
‘So many things…so many nasty nasty things’
‘Thoughts race through my head because I’m excited and over-fucking-joyed. Literally’
‘Stop it! I like it! Stop it! I like it. OK no seriously this must end. No wait… I feel something.’
‘Her body is incredible…’
‘She been with a man for four years. Mmmm, she is so good in bed you would think she had with women forever.’
‘She isn’t thinking about penis…is she?’
‘What I am doing is delicious…’

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