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Memorandum in Memoriam

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On Jan 28, 2013

A short film that was made in the memory of David Kato, a Ugandan LGBTI activist who was murdered two years ago.

Film sinopsis (from Vimeo):

“In October 14th 2009, the new Anti Homosexuality Bill is proposed at the Uganda Parliament aiming to further criminalize same-sex relationships, an offence already punishable under the existing Colonial Penal Code. The Draconian sanctions contemplated for homosexual activity or its promotion includes the Death Penalty & Life Imprisonment.

Prominent people from Government, Pentecostal Pastors and Christian Fundamentalists are actively following the predicaments of Evangelical Pastors from the US who are visiting Uganda and other African countries to instigate anti-gay hysteria and homophobia. Meanwhile, the LGBTI community and activists face a daily struggle with violence and abuse as the norm as hatred is spreading among Christians and Muslims alike.

SMUG activist David Kato, was brutally murdered at home due to his activism. A small tribute for indeed an extraordinary man, full of courage and commitment who died for the Human Rights and the liberation of the LGBTI community.”

TRIGGER WARNING: High levels of verbal and physical violence

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Memorandum In Memoriam ENG1.mp4 from EstudioUnoTv on Vimeo.