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Making a sex tape that won’t cause your life to implode: A Cheat Sheet

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On Feb 7, 2019

Talk about making the tape: Before you are spread eagle and bringing out the phone and flash have a proper in depth conversation about making this tape with your partner(s). The potential consequences of making a tape like this are too deep to take the decision lightly.

Trust is Key: Do it with someone who you would trust with your life. What it could mean for your entire life if this footage is leaked means this should be done with someone who you trust a LOT. Doing something like this puts you all in a very vulnerable position.

‘Eyes or the prize’, choose your genitals or your face in the frame: Your juicy bits are lovely. And so is your face. However, in this feature film there is no space for both those stars to be on the screen at the same time. Having both makes it much easier to link it back to you. To keep things anonymous (and safe) as possible do not let your sex tape have your face and your genitals showcased together.

Figure out your angles and lighting: It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster when it comes to filming but love yourself enough to get some decent lighting and an angle that doesn’t look like the first moments when you flip your camera to selfie mode.

Forget the flaws: Even though you are going to try and show case your best sexy moves do not get hung up on making it perfect. Forget the flaws because it is still about having sex and having fun.

Edit your photos: Have your photo editor ready and know how to use it. The photo editors on phones can phase out faces and other recognisable markers. You only need the highlights, namely your sexy self; you do not need the tattoo that you got on a whim showing up as the main star of the flick.

Be in charge of the footage: Having conversations about who owns the footage, who can see it and where it is stored are very important to have before hand. As sex tapes affect women much more than men controlling the footage is key for any woman. Best to be the one who keeps that video.

Protect the product: This should go without saying but never ever put the video on any online storage platform. Getting hacked is real. When you store it on a phone or laptop make sure it is password protected and hidden.

Have fun!: A big part of doing this is about having fun and engaging with your body and your partner. Make it a whole experience and do not take yourself too seriously.

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