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HOLAA Loves: Ted Talk – How to have a healthier, positive relationship to sex

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On Mar 8, 2018

‘From our fear of women’s bodies to our sheepishness around the word “nipple,” our ideas about sex need an upgrade, say sex educators (and hilarious women) Tiffany Kagure Mugo and Siphumeze Khundayi. For a radical new take on sex positivity, the duo take the TED stage to suggest we look to Africa for erotic wisdom both ancient and modern, showing us how we can shake off problematic ideas about sex we’ve internalized and re-define pleasure on our own terms. (This talk contains mature content.)’
We got to hit up the Ted Women Conference in November 2017 and do a talk about the need to really check your sex. We chatted about bad sexual practices, historically good ones and the possible future of sex. We had slides with bondage and spoke about Osunality and the African Erotic.
Best of all we got to go to New Orleans and it was magic. Many cocktails, many conversations and so much wisdom. Thank you to the Ted Women team for an informative, luxurious stay filled with stage fright funny rehearsals and of course, a whole lot of jazz.
We had some interesting people come up to us, some were super sweet, some cried, some didn’t even remember our speech but said congrats anyway. And some cool/dope/sweet things were said:
‘Seeing you onstage was so powerful for me as a queer black woman. Seeing you speaking and being sex positive… I work in Atlanta and being queer and trying to do similar work is so hard…’
‘You reignited a the passion in a 50 year old woman. Thank you.’
‘You shocked some of the people with that last bondage photo. Women watched it on the screen with wide eyes…’
‘You reinvigorated me as a 50 year old women.’
And our personal favourite…
‘Have you had beignets? No? Then go get that powdered sugar all over your titties…’
Here is the Ted Talk we did, We also did another Ted Talk which you can check out here.