HOLAA Loves: Pride 2013 (Cape Town)

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On Mar 5, 2013

Pride 2013 was, as ever, a beautiful scene of colours, music, dancing, marching and of course topless white men. This year’s Pride theme was Stand Up and be Counted and there were so many beautiful people (see: women) out there to celebrate pride.  It was good to see something other than the usual assless chaps and washboard abs with organisations such as Triangle Project, Free Gender and PASSOP bringing continued awareness and an air of advocacy to pride.


What was interesting however was the continue segregation between the races with the march bringing everyone together but the Pride after event seeing everyone go their separate ways. The official pride after event was a sectioned off affair with all of the ‘Pink Strip’ hosting some rainbow-licious parties…and all the white people. Black people who attended pride sat on the other side of the road. Whether in protest of the ‘white pride’ going on across the road or as just another alternative, HOLAA! does not know. All we know is the segregation was clear, the Pink Dollar had spoken and across the road was the official pride dominated by a sea of white and on the outskirts, in the road sat black people, drinking liquor and waiting for ‘their space’ to open.


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More power to any pride that happens on the continent. Its a chance to celebrate but also show case the issues that plague the LGBTI community within the African context!

Aluta Continua!

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