HOLAA Loves: Free Space/#PleaseHer dialogue – Creation of a space to speak sex with Mbongomuffin and Iranti Org

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On May 22, 2017

We recently partnered with the amazing Mbongomuffin to host a space for Iranti Org, in Johannesburg entitled “Queer” Safe Sex – ”It’s time for women* to talk about SEX”

Iranti sought to create ‘A day about politics and the womxn’s body and its intersection with sexual health. The women’s* body is a politic that has evolved through time. Womxn’s bodies are policed and expected to be conservative so on this event we discuss the struggles experienced by the womxn’s bodies, we celebrate women’s* bodies while discussing intimacy, pleasure etc. all in relation to sexual health for womxn.’

All this jamming was based on the safe sex and pleasure manual we produced, that is coupled with a workbook. You can download them both here (work book and manual) to use in your own spaces.

Consent, sexually transmitted diseases, the taboo around sex toys in the black queer community and how monogamy is not the gold standard of safety. These were just some of the conversations that were had during the time that had bisexual women, trans women, lesbians and gender non-conforming persons.

It was good times and magic. Also, birthdays meant there was cake. It was so awesome being in such lovely company!

Thank you to Mbongomuffin and Iranti for co-creating the space with us.

Here is the storify of the event:


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Here is the Storify of the day and a few photos.