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Holaa Loves: #ForBlackGirlsOnly-

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On Sep 7, 2015

We recently got to be a part of an amazing event that was reserved exclusively to bring together of Black women within the community, to share, grow and love one another.

According to founder Sivu Siwisa:

‘#ForBlackGirlsOnly’s most fundamental goal is to uplift Black women and begin a conversation that’ll hopefully lead women to place of interrogating, learning, unlearning and balance what has been made out of balance for generations and generations. The space is also an opportunity to network, share resources and establish a community of women who are invested in the advancement of women.’

The picnic saw so many flavours of black women come together in a safe space created for them by them to speak on all manner of things from pleasure to politics. Here is a little taste of why the women who were there loved the space.

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