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Listen: HOLAA in a Hot Spot: Advice on leaving a relationship, polygamy problems and going down on a girlfriend (podcast) - HOLAAfrica!

Listen: HOLAA in a Hot Spot: Advice on leaving a relationship, polygamy problems and going down on a girlfriend (podcast)

‘HOLAA in a Hot Spot. Answering all your burning questions so life doesn’t show you flames.’ To submit your question click here.

We answered the questions on our podcast: The Wildness with Tiff and Manda. Here are the questions we answered. Listen in to see what we had to say.

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

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Hello HOLAA hot spot expert,

I have been in a relationship for a few years now (two and a half years to be exact) and I am…over it. It is not that I do not love my partner it is just we seem to be in different places.  Everything from the where we see ourselves in 5 years to what things we want in bed. I know that it is in the end but I have no idea how to make that final jump. How do I cut the cords and make the break up happen? I need to get out but I am too lazy/scared/stuck to do it.


Need To Be Single


Dear HOLAA Hot Spot wise person,

I just found out that my partner of 18 months is engaged to someone else. I found out in a wedding announcement in our local paper. She had told me she was single and that the man was her cousin. I am heart broken. She has said that we can still be together, it is only she will now be living with a new roommate after the wedding. She has assured me that we are still a couple and in love. I want to believe her.

Should I consider being in this polygamous relationship?

Kind regards,

Potentially Polygamous

Hi HOLAA in a Hot Spot expert,

I have a problem. I can’t go down on my girlfriend, whom I have been with a year, but every time I see my ex we have sex and I go down on her. I wish I knew why but this is just how it goes. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?

Please help,

Horny and Hungry

The Wildness pair and others are here to answer your questions on the podcast, videos or right here on the site so submit them here. For more about HOLAA in a Hot Spot click here.

A podcast by two African Girls just trying to get through life. This podcast tackles everything from keeping the sex spicy to keeping your job, from monogamy to Mondays, from giving head to giving a damn about politics. The podcast is about any thoughts you can have about life and living over a good glass of wine. Check out the Sound cloud channel: HOLAAfrica
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