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Wonder woman, please report to boarding gate 3

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On Apr 29, 2012

By Lame
There are three kinds of women in this world. The first type of woman is the one who lives in a pink bubble where nothing dangerous and unfair about this world touches her. She floats above all the poverty and human rights abuses.
The second type is a woman who goes through life ducking under chairs and tables trying to run away from confronting the ugliness of life.
The third type of woman is one who sees everything for what it is and confronts life with an inquisitive and eager mind to solve its problems. This type of woman is the rebellious type and also considered unladylike; my type of woman…
The life of an activist is full of breaking the rules, challenging authority and concepts, breaking down walls and pushing the boundaries of our understanding of life and questioning everything we know. I cannot imagine coming home to my partner to tell her about how we managed to get President Mugabe to apologise for his anti-gay hate speech and the only thing she can say is “well done baby, you rock!.”  I would tear my hair out and file for divorce immediately!
If you live your life floating in a Fort Knox pink bubble then you must be a billionaire and think that the world is made of candy floss and fairies sprinkle fairy dust on your nose when you sleep and everyone’s life is a chapter from Princess Diaries.
If you spend your life avoiding the real issues in life, the problems of our dysfunctional governments, and the deterioration of our planet as we know it…
the continued and escalating abuses of LGBTQI and women’s rights all over Africa then you are not someone I want to know.
I want to go through life with someone who understand why I am furious about the fact that women still need more state protection from even the men they marry, the fact that over 75% of African countries criminalise same sex sexual relations and the fact that some guy asked me if I have a penis after he found out that I am lesbian.
I want a woman that fights as much for others as she does for herself. Someone who understands that life leaves no one unscathed. I want to wake up to the smell of war against gender based violence, to my partner reading a book on how to over throw the government or flying off to an LGBTQI rights convention. Is it too much to ask for a modern-day version of Xena or Wonder Woman?