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A Sapphic Poem - HOLAAfrica!

A Sapphic Poem

Mine is not a story of rosy cheeks and buttery sunsets

it is a tale of teary streaks and stormy upsets

If you look at the horizon waiting for the charming prince to swoop in

You shall stand & wait till all your parts start aching

Mine is a tale of abnormalities and strangeness

Words that I have learned to wear round my neck like amulets

It is a story of squeezing in through cracks  they tried to seal

Of standing up in corners that they did their best to conceal

Ours is a story of princesses who grabbed what they wouldn’t be given

Who barged through doors  they were told were forbidden

It is a tale of endurance and spirit borne of raising our voices

Of existing, of living, of thriving even when we weren’t given choices.

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