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A Look at Love

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On Mar 27, 2014

By Nicole



I was introduced to it at the time of my birth. I didn’t know why it was given to us or what its purpose was. Was it supposed to bring joy or pain?


Three years ago I thought I could see through its lies that wanted to deceive me. I should have stayed away from it. Instead, I went towards it. I never should have made the vows I did on the 30th of June 2010. It was loving and caring at first, making me believes that my kids and I meant everything to it. How I lived for it, breathed for it. It chased me down. All I wanted was what was best for my children.  Little did I know that its intentions and character were not good at all?  It was after was my inheritance; it never intended to support me in my quest to succeed in this world. It gave nothing to a young girl with no achievements in life.

I see life as a game. Not soccer or cards, but fairy chess, from Harry Potter. One thing to remember when playing this game is: keep your head on right, because the pieces come to life. An important tip if you want to survive is: Beware of the knight, he only aims for your head and he never misses

I knew after moving there that there would be some adjustments; being a woman, a sex worker and a mother of three. As much as I tried to deny it, I had to admit it to myself. It became a daily struggle. Going to the pit to get some water became a task in dodging stone, dodging the stigma. I must be crazy to live like a lost puppy.

After a lot of self-investigation, I have decided what my legacy will be. First, I have to thank my God for granting me the opportunity to accept it. It has given me a new meaning in life and I am embracing it without thinking twice. I am the king of no man’s and. But I have an eleven year old princess. My other princess is two and my prince is 4 years old. If you have any understanding in your heart you will surely see that my intentions are good. My inheritance was passed on by my fore fathers. My legacy will be seen in the lives of my children’s destiny. It will go on after me. I have re-claimed the land that my forefathers fought for.


I have to battle the green eyed monster that wants to stop it. And take it away. I will find 300 soldiers and we will battle the serpent. When the serpent comes knocking at our door, we will be ready. All of my soldiers will be pure of heart and caring and honest. Just like the story about the sword in the stone, only the purest will be victorious. I will get the sword of love; the sword of honesty, caring, trust and most importantly, communication. I will teach my brothers and sister that they don’t have to fear or hate me. I will show them that they can also grab a shield and sword and fight for love.

We will go to battle and we will come out as heroes.