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Listen: The Wildness Ep 16: Bring Forth The SQUIRT!

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On Aug 31, 2018

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

What is squirting and what is the biology behind it? Can you learn to squirt? What does squirting have to do with the rivers in Rwanda? Did Tiff need to squirt or did she need to pee? What countries are searching squirting on the internet?
And why is Amanda but naked on the couch?

We kept catching feelings about Coachella even if it happened ages ago. This episode of The Wild Ones poured some wine and chat about squirting and the logistics.

The Wild Ones also introduce Whats Poppin’ With Chu? Where they break down what good and bad thing is going down in their lives, cause they love you knowing their lives. Also cause The Wild Ones

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