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Listen: Querying the cloak, Queering the solution: Dealing with violence and abuse in our own feminist spaces (podcast)

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On May 16, 2018

Amanda read her piece for us on intimate partner violence in queer spaces which you can read here.

‘The first time I heard about intimate partner violence between a queer couple I was shocked. My partner was relaying a story of a couple friend of hers and the problems they had incurred in their relationship. Now a good majority of the queer people I have met are what we call paid feminist activists, employed by NGOs to do the work of securing the rights, autonomy and freedom of women, black people and the LGBTIQ community. At first I assumed that everyone who formed part of the LGBTIQ community was aware of the patriarchy and the violence incurred by black people, women, poor people, people with disabilities and indeed queer people as a result of a system that demands how we should behave and be treated based on the bodies in which we are born. I couldn’t understand how it was possible that there was intimate partner violence in LGBTIQ relationships when we were all supposed to ‘know better’. ‘

For all the articles and pieces on #QueeringTheCloak (our series on abuse and violence in queer women communities) click here.

Also an article on 11 Signs You Are being Gaslight in a relationship and another 10 things the author learned from someone using gaslighting as an abuse tactic. For more on supporting people here is a piece on supporting someone in abusive relationship and also a piece where the woman says At least she didn’t hit me”. There is also a piece by a woman who writes a letter to her ex abuser’s new girlfriend. Also some healing words for after the relationship is done.  There is also this piece about the theatre piece we did on the topic and another story entitled Wanja about a woman who leaves an abusive relationship. There is also this one about missing your abuser

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