The Wildness Ep 2: LEGABIBO court case, the right to d**k and a slice of PAI with Botho Maruatona

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

The Wildness pulled Botho Maruatona into the studio to chat about LEGABIBO, the right to d**k and she also gave us a slice of PAI (Pan Africa ILGA) which is being held in Botswana this year! Check out this semi -serious but not really) episode.

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A podcast by two African Girls just trying to get through life. This podcast tackles everything from keeping the sex spicy to keeping your job, from monogamy to Mondays, from giving head to giving a damn about politics. The podcast is about any thoughts you can have about life and living over a good glass of wine. Check out the Sound cloud channel: HOLAAfrica
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