Who Are The Queers In Kenya: Survey Results

Originally published on KBD.

When there is no real documentation, we can slip through the cracks. Entire histories of real human beings can fade away and be erased by people not willing to acknowledge their existence. I wanted to know more about you, but with the state of things in our country, I knew I wouldn’t find you in the streets, proudly living your truth. You could be my desk-mate at work but I wouldn’t know you, because we live in fear, constantly looking over our shoulders, trying to stifle our identity so we can get through each day. The idea of an anonymous survey appealed to me as it would allow for raw honesty. You filled in the survey, and for that, I thank you. I can say that I know you a little better now and I can’t wait to get to know you a lot more.

Here are the results. Queer In Kenya Survey (1)

Attractive queer person keen on creating content. Kenyan born. Check them out on twitter @kenyanbabydyke
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