We All Alone

By Angel Nduka-Nwosu

Who really protects black women?

Is it black men?


They beat us.

Rape us.

Call us bitches in their songs.

Don’t pay no child support.

Expect us to “heal” them from the same drastic situations

we have are trying to heal from.

While bashing those of us

who are dark skinned. for just that.

being dark skinned.

Who really has our back as black women?

Is it white women?

Hell No.

They expect us to march at the back of the protests.

They believe they have the final say in any feminist discourse.

They are disgusted by our blackness and see us fit only to be domestic help.

They underpay us for single-handedly raise their children.

These women expect us to remove our blackness to form a sisterhood.

Who really recognizes our worth as black women?

Is it white men?

No. No. No

They fetishize our bodies.

Masses of chocolate to be fucked to the moon and back.

They deny us of the right to equal pay

They put our husbands in prisons.

They rape us

They kill our sons.

They kill us

Who really protects black women except black women?

Who really has our backs except black women?

Who recognises our worth except black women?


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