Troubled mind

By anonymous

Trigger Warning: Suicide

My heart is beating fast. My palms are sweating. I sit down and take deep breaths. I can’t really think. Well, except for one thing. I can’t even say it out loud.

To be honest I’m scared.

I’m unable to talk yet I want people to see the turmoil wrecking my being. I’m scared for my life. Scared of what might happen should I be left on my own. I feel the tears streaming down my cheeks but my eyes are dry. I am crying inside and smiling to the world. This scares me.

My mind is caressing an idea, playing with the notion of what I might do. I push the thought to the back of my mind.

What demon is this? I know darkness but not this kind. This is new to me. I’m scared for my life.

I call a loved one with the hope that I might open up to her but the words get stuck in my throat. I end up hoping she would pick it up from my voice. My voice betrays me and she asks what is wrong. I tell her I’m fine. What is this? Why can’t I tell her how deeply troubled I am? And why doesn’t she ask further? Why doesn’t she probe? Why does she accept that I’m fine? But it’s fine because I would just tell her I’m fine. I am scared for my life.

Is this how suicidal people think?

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