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This is the African Woman? - HOLAAfrica!

This is the African Woman?


Do you know about the War against Women?

Do you know about the female infanticide because I am not male –Woman?

Do you know about the dowry deaths because I was not a virgin when I got married –Woman?

Do you know about the honour killings for perceived immoral behaviour,

Just because I was raped –Woman?

Do you know about the genital mutilation,

not even allowed to feel pleasure for the discipline of a man’s sexual desire –Woman?


Do you know about these Humans?

Do you know about the denied Motherhood,

to control the population of a nation not considered to be Human –Woman?

Do you know about the forced to reject contraception to counteract the loss of a nation,

wiped out for fighting against an inadequate education –Woman?

Do you know about the punishment as gender sub-ordination;

beaten, bruised and raped upon religious order, then perpetrated for her innocence

and left to find comfort in the very belief system that violated her-Woman?

Do you know about the raped for being relatives of a male political leader

even though I may not share the same views,

which you would never know because my voice (is muted) [said in whisper]- Woman?[said loud]

Yes, she said her voice is muted, this Woman!


Do you know about these Humans?

Do you know about the possessed, who was kissed, licked, caressed,

fucked & kicked out onto the street of hellous torment;

leaving her in a perpetual state of shame –Woman?

Do you know about the suffering from arthritis to put her son through university,

who then becomes her perpetrator because the system doesn’t recognize her existence,

even though she is his Mother –Woman?

Do you know about the crucified from conception because I am black, female, queer and an artist

cast out into justifying my existence

because this man wants to tell me that this not what it is to be a woman –Woman?

Do you know that she is completely unrecognized,

even though she is at the most risk of danger Human?

Do you know that I speaking the status of the black Woman?

The Black, brown, tanned, cocoa, chocolate sisters…

The kinky, afro, braided and dreadlocked hair sisters…

Do you know that I am speaking the status of the black Woman…?

I will ask now, forever more and again,


Do you know that this is the African Woman?

Do you know that this is the womb of man Woman?

Do you know that this is your fellow Human!

Do you know that this is the African Woman!

Christie FossilSoul van Zyl © 2013

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    12th Aug 2013 - 12:48 pm


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    John Morris
    14th Dec 2014 - 1:23 pm

    My Lovely Kagure Mugo,

    Welcome to my life (via Let’s talk about sex – in public, M&G 22 Dec. 2014).

    I am the only son of a young beauty raped by an old man when she was 20 because – she was a beauty and daughter of a rich family – and in the European Balkans this it is still today “a style of forced marriage”. So, it is not only Africa to grow up on this matter.

    In my opinion, the women are superior due their special nature to give birth to LIFE. The fact that men do not respect that is mainly because they do not understand LOVE, they understand SEX. In Africa, sex it is till a ‘gun’ to hunt, but perhaps I am wrong, in a world dominated by male mind, women still have to struggle everyday for their simple right: to be. To be the best part of a life that very seldom brings harmony and love, as it is to be.

    An Amazonia (country where women are leaders) it is not possible in Azania today, but the fact remains that on the beginning the society was – matriarchal.

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      19th Jan 2015 - 1:47 pm

      Thanks for this comment. It is always amazing to hear the stories of others and see how they relate to whats happening in your world.
      Superior? we love it! But part of the problem is the idea of hierarchy and who is better than who. I think there is power in both sexes but we must recognise that the power is different and none is lesser than.

      There is an need for further understanding in the way we see sex and how the history and the present play out because it is actually hurting people.
      P.s love the history! There is so much power in the matriarch. so much.

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