The Wildness Ep 31: Sliding into the DMs- is the internet helping/hurting our sex, love and snaxing? (Keep safe)

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

Is Panda using lube? How are people finding that person to grind up on a Friday night or love forever as a queer person on the continent? What is Tu? Why is data so expensive sometimes? What are the inclusive apps? How can apps be used against you within your own country?

Accessing the internet is also exclusive. In this podcast we break down dating, the continent and the digital space.

Shout out to APC and Xeernah and Coding Rights. The Wild Ones speak about how to find love and sex and how the online space is helping and hurting queer folks to find love, community and snaxing.  

Also people go to conferences to get LAID! *We see you*

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

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