The touch that never left

By Millan Miles

Roll you over, you know you like me on top

Kissing your neck screaming “please don’t stop”

Sink my teeth a little deeper till I get that moan

Making love is a game and you’re my pawn

Tracing my tongue on your belly

Every inch of the scar you thought so scary

Beautiful in every sense, the life you’ve brought forth

A mother you’ve made me, happiness a familiar force

You are mine as I am yours

And from deep within my love pours

Wrap your legs around me

I want some of that heat

Don’t be shy you like how my ring feels on your clit

Your pleasure my love is no feat

This is silky and smooth

Your looming crave, soon I will soothe

Mound, Valley, Pearl




Arch your back, take in that breathe

Buried in you baby you’re my meth

She wants me now, warm, moist, she’s glistening

Your body’s rhythm, be sure am listening

Sway… swish…squirm

Don’t stop yet, till I taste your cum

Grabbing my hair, I know you want more

There’s no hurry, please you till am sore

I didn’t think I could love you anymore

I’ve held out too long, I think it’s time

Slowly slide in and watch your toes twine

Watching you rock back and forth

A river from me, you bringing forth

Clawing into me, an embrace tighter than a hug

We’re barely done, a tip of the iceberg.


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    5th February 2016 - 10:51 pm

    That opening line has been the hardest to write. It’s a year overdue. My heart was ripped out, my soul left out for questioning. I used to love her

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