The Joy Is Gone: Lamentation of A Poly Person Entangled In A Monogamous Situationship

by Mxtrx N

I’d forgotten quite what heartbreak feels like
And now I feel so empty but still so full
To have love alive and well
In a heart that feels vulnerable
Robbed of the soft spots I shared
with you
in secret
And for this very feeling
to be so tied to this very feeling
The nuances of love..
Sharing love. Without limits. But not sharing
You can’t understand how I can love her and still have room for you
Like love is a gift only given once
And I can’t understand how I can feel so in love and still so broken
But I do know it’s proof of the capacity of the heart
What you refuse to let grow

For another piece on polyamory check out this series on being in an open relationship. Here is the first poem written entitled ‘Joy‘. 

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