The diary of a queer Ghanaian: However long it takes

By Boateng Boateng

I found someone.

She apologises when she replies my texts a minute late. We’ve been together for over a month and there hasn’t been a day without a ‘good morning’ text from her. She even calls me ‘boo, love and bae…’


She speaks and texts excellent English. Very intelligent, just like you. We have the same taste in music. She’s light skinned. She could pass for one of these modern models. She possesses all the qualities I would have wanted in a woman if I hadn’t met you. Remember when you told me having sex with other people would help me get over you?

Yeah, that was a lie.

Why are you still the one I want? The further you push me away the more I want you. I’m sick, I know it. I remember that weekend. It is one of the best of have experienced so far this year, it was the weekend that started on the 16th of April. I never touched you in a provocative manner after you told me you weren’t down for anything sexual with me. I remember that tweet of you in my pjs and t shirt.

I still have a screenshot of it. I don’t wear them anymore by the way. I don’t like the vibes they exude. I question how we got here anytime I see them. And I smell you in them every time I try to put them on.

I know it was all good up to a point.

We were good friends. Those classist and feminist arguments which always left you mad, I really miss them. I have friends as opinionated as you. But none of them is you. Maybe I was blinded by the feelings I had for you, but ours would have been a great friendship. We would have done great things together.

okay leme start well. I like your tweets, I like where your mind is. We’re going to be good friends by the end of the year. I’m quite sure of that.

That was the first thing I texted you this year. I guess I wasn’t that sure.

Explain this to me, with the girl you have now, how and why do you feel all that for someone you never even kissed. Not even a cuddle. I want someone to love me like this one day.

That was what my friend sent me this evening.

As I write this, I’m packing to leave your city. This is my last night here. I don’t know if I will ever see you again in this lifetime but I’ll wait for you. However long it takes, I will. In the mean time I can pretend to move on.

You’re still a Ghanaian girl I adore.

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