Should the transgender community be exempt from practicing consent?

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By Kylie Kiunguyu  Trigger Warning: physical violence (Editor’s Note: As HOLAA! we are sensitive to a diversity of opinions but also understand how something like this can be triggering. This is a very delicate topic and we invite responses in the comments or in article form. This post is a reblog.) Consent is the basis for […]
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Decolonizing queerness: Reflections on the Queer African Revolution

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By Gabriel Hoosain Khan This is a long reflection on decolonizing ‪‎queer ‪activism in ‪Africa. I was lucky to spend quite a bit of time at the 2016 Pan Africa Regional LGBTI Conference for Joburg, ‪(#‎PAI2016) conference hosted by Pan Africa ‪ILGA and ‪Iranti Org. Congratulations to the parties for putting it together because it was so amazing to connect with activist and organisations from […]
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By Flaverinas I am 31 years old and it has been difficult for me as a transgender woman to find true love in family, with my friends and within my community. Wherever I’m going I fell obsessed about love! I wonder sometimes, “Is it because of who I am?” No! It seems like everyone is […]
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Life of a Transgender Sex worker

By Anon At over six-foot tall, with heels, and a body to rival any Hollywood starlet, Leigh cuts an impressive figure. Her jet-black hair and thick eyeliner give her an almost brooding and feline quality. She looks directly at you with a friendly smile and moves with finesse.  Leigh is a trans* woman, meaning she was […]
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Hidden Love

By Priscilla   My name is Priscilla. I grew up in a small town called Elliotdale. In Elliotdale people lived off farming and the cultivation of livestock. Everybody had their own way of making sure that they got the best mielies, pumpkins, peas, onions and other vegetables. The people there would prepare samp (isingqusho) and […]
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