For the timid one

By Anon This one is for the timid girl, the naïve child. It is for the me of last year. The girl who was quick to say, “I don’t trust anyone” but still blindly gave her trust away like free hand-outs. The girl who got a stinging notice that the community she thought was hers […]
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By Thato Chuma There are women Who have let truth fill their mouths like sunrise Women Who have built homes in broken wombs To mend what is lost They are daughters Of storms Of the burning wind Of a healing they have kept under their skirts Under their tongues These are women Who have danced to […]
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By Blacqueer I keep thinking of ways to give back. To pause, look around me and find moments to say “thank you”. However I keep finding that (because the struggle is so real and so constant and so isolating and so communal) I always have an excuse not to pause and I never have the […]
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