Revolving Door

By Aisha Ali Haji She looked at her phone as it lit up, slowly inhaling the cigarette in her hand. It was the only light in the dark room. She was sitting at the edge of the bed, her feet hanging on the side. There was an ashtray next to her and every few seconds […]
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By ‘The Taken’ There’s a draught in the room. Then again everywhere is slightly draughty when all you have on is a robe. You know those cute ones that make you feel adorable and sexual. Like a sexy teddy bear, or…something. My mind isn’t working very well because I am completely overwhelmed by the feeling […]
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By Dzivaramazwi/ @dzivaramazwi It was way past seven in the evening and The girl was a bundle of irascible nerves as she sat at the edge of the doorstep, her gaze intent on the road that lay beyond the fenced gate. Mhama is never this late, she whispered to herself again and sighed. Sisi Geti, […]
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as the moon

By Ashley Makue/ @AfroFiend There was always something curious about her. She was both a tempting night and its secretive moon. She was born before her time, in foggy winter. Her mother’s nipples itched with the bitter cold and a lurid anticipation. She was the first born of her seventeen-year-old mother and the second child of […]
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A Wilderness: pt III

By Dzivaramazwi/ @dzivaramazwi Read Part I and Part II of this story. ‘I always knew you’d end up with a man,’ says Babe, pointing the end of the cigarette in her hand at Fay. ‘Babe, you’re being so insensitive right now. Shush.’ ‘Whaaat? I’m just saying, you’re weak Fay, you’ve always been weak. Can’t stand […]
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