Let’s talk ‘Labels’

By Audi / @soniaaudi1 There is a lot to me. I stand for the Punk ideals of Anarchy and direct action, but there are days when I think a little Hippie flower power would not hurt. I’m head over heels in love with androgynous bodies, yet I cannot decide whether or not I love femininity […]
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Call For Submissions

HOLAA wants submissions! We want to share the voices and ideas of African women! You can send: Diary entries Short stories Features and interviews Blog posts (including reblogs) Pictures Paintings Videos Articles and opinions pieces Recordings of poetry and other works (can be done easily on your phone) HOLAA! allows you to publish under any […]
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How we need to be #SexingWhilstFeminist

By Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah/ @nas009 In an ideal, utopian, feminist world, sex with a feminist will be different, better, more intense, more orgasmic, and just more of all the good stuff that comes with sex – connection, intimacy, fun, laughter, sweat, bodily fluids…you get the picture? And the feminist(s) involved in this act of sexing could be […]
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In Defense of Orgasms Faked

By Mélisande Deschenel I believe in fake orgasms. I believe in them for the greater good of the moment. Now do not get me wrong, I do not believe in the over-stretched O, seizure-like, tinnitus-inducing kind. Those are just stupid. They’re patently faked and an insult to any sexual being and they’re at their worst […]
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By Dzivaramazwi/ @dzivaramazwi It was way past seven in the evening and The girl was a bundle of irascible nerves as she sat at the edge of the doorstep, her gaze intent on the road that lay beyond the fenced gate. Mhama is never this late, she whispered to herself again and sighed. Sisi Geti, […]
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Canvas Painting

By Maweunoia/ @Maweunoia Spread the canvas on the floor Gather up the oil paints Open up your divinity Pour the potion Its motion a wave of emotions That lets the secrets on your lips Caress my inner thighs   Kiss you on the small of your back Oh Darling won’t you come here with nothing on […]
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