I Want Sex

By ‘Life’ I want sex. I want sexy sex. I want flirty dirty sex. I want someone who has my knickers constantly wet. I want that ‘you’re so sexy I’m throbbing’ feeling. I want lust. I want to eat lust. I want someone who gives me my bra back saying ‘you left this at my […]
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Getting It Right: LGBT women and HIV/AIDS

By Tatenda Muranda Post-colonial Africa has become an exciting space for LGBT activism because of the vast possibilities for change. Within the African regional human rights system there is no explicit recognition of the right to non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but this has not stopped African LGBT movements from making headway in […]
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Turquoise Effect

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By Katleho She lay sprawled across their bed; her smooth shaven legs competing with the silk sheets as the dim light hit them both at a favourable angle. She’d already positioned her hand in the corner where most of the silk had gathered and premeditated how she was going to strangle that bundle to try […]
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