HOLAA Loves: Kenya Golden Cam Girl

What is the cam girl industry? Tell us more about what you do Kenya Golden: Webcam modeling is basically virtual sex work. From the comfort of my own place, I am able to cater to sexual fantasies and fetishes that include everything from solo masturbation to balloon popping. My sexual services are delivered through live […]
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The Sex Industry Pt. I: The reality

By Hephzibah Reality I love my work. Sometimes Yes, sometimes I don’t feel like working. Sometimes clients can be rude. Sometimes I think my managers are the devil. But don’t all employees go through that at some point in their employment history? Apart from the normal love-hate relationship I have with certain aspects of my […]
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By Flaverinas I am 31 years old and it has been difficult for me as a transgender woman to find true love in family, with my friends and within my community. Wherever I’m going I fell obsessed about love! I wonder sometimes, “Is it because of who I am?” No! It seems like everyone is […]
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Being a sex worker means we are at war.

By B What does being a sex worker mean in Zimbabwe? It means you are always in trouble with the police, you always have to run away when you see them. This is very painful because the police are meant to be protecting us , but they call us names , sometimes names which are not nice like ‘ uriwure’ or sifebe. Being a […]
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Sexual Rights Centre Visual Arts Project

The Sexual Rights Centre is a human rights advocacy organisation based in Bulawayo. They work directly with sex workers and members of the  LGBTI community. They are unapologetic about their commitment to human rights for every Zimbabwean and their conviction that sexual rights are integral to affirming all human rights. Every two weeks they organise […]
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Hidden Love

By Priscilla   My name is Priscilla. I grew up in a small town called Elliotdale. In Elliotdale people lived off farming and the cultivation of livestock. Everybody had their own way of making sure that they got the best mielies, pumpkins, peas, onions and other vegetables. The people there would prepare samp (isingqusho) and […]
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