So called freedom

By Sibongile Portia Jonas If this so called freedom exists It must be buried under the bodies of raped and murdered women It dwells in the millions of squatter camps It clots in the bloody grounds of Marikana The pieces of its broken heart tries to cut and crack the feet of feminists It drowns […]
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A Painful Truth

By Dolly I’m so afraid to feel. To feel something real. I’ve felt something before. And it still hurts. I’m afraid of letting you in Giving you that opportunity To hurt me No one ever does it consciously But it’s done There’s always a loser in the corner Defeated by the unsuspected blows There’s always […]
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The Urge

By Dolly I wonder, If a little bit of this is normal human behavior This longing, This aching, To hold someone so close to your chest That if you press just a little bit harder your ribs could crack. If so, That would explain a lot of things Like casual sex. People just need to hold […]
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The mask she wears

By Caroline Araes Scarred by the world, broken, bruised and shattered she walks the earth. Day by day she takes it hoping for a better day. Hopeless she feels as nothing but darkness lies ahead of her. Sadness she feels when she looks down and secretly asks for strength to move on. Masks she wears […]
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Sax In the Mirror

By Zama Khanyile Tears drop tearing through the hardened exterior, it lingers on and I hear the cry of a wild cat in the silk sheets of a cash indulgent world. Sax in the mirror. I yearn for the comfort between thighs of evil pleasure and my lips twitch as my legs move apart from […]
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Canvas Painting

By Maweunoia/ @Maweunoia Spread the canvas on the floor Gather up the oil paints Open up your divinity Pour the potion Its motion a wave of emotions That lets the secrets on your lips Caress my inner thighs   Kiss you on the small of your back Oh Darling won’t you come here with nothing on […]
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A Silent Cry

by Nthabiseng Ntshala It is home Well that’s what we should call it. How can I call it home if it’s as empty as our memories? We see nothing but empty souls reflecting I stare at the mirror I see a figure filled with nothing but air Air meaningless to breath That tells not my […]
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Mama Owami

By Untapped To the one that slipped away when my heart thought it had found a resting place. Its two weeks now since you walked away. 7 days away from Valentine. 15 days away from our 3 months anniversary. 20 days away from your birthday. Every hour, your countenance floats in my eyes, a smile […]
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