by Mxtrx N And two years later. No one, least of all us, Could ever imagine, We would lay here The moon illuminating your room Soft sounds fill your room  You touch me like you want to soak me in Like you’re remembering And relearning. Connecting. Black bodies Queer bodies. Soft bodies Eye contact and heavy […]
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Once Upon A Time

By GayKindaLove At the peak of that luminous day The angry sun presented her discoveries to whoever dared to lend an ear Her nemesis was to be tormented to lifelessness, she anticipated. The sun finally uncovered the secrets of the dark, she boasted. Fruitlessly she spoke of how the night relied on the moon to […]
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By Christie FossilSoul van Zyl Countless rounds of oscillating movement, yet different sensation… Manouvres that titillate the senses, leaving one defenseless; Now stripped naked to the core with nothing to hide, just the soul to expose… Lead to this state of no arsenal, by rhythmic passion, that starts at the warmth of tender lips, a […]
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Unfaded Memories

  By Lara Gemini Poet I saw your shadow downstairs and it waved good morning as my soul still fails to wave goodbye. It stood there, leaning against the same wall I had you on when we kissed to christen our new home. You said my lips were crusty and made me a cheese sandwich […]
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Music brings memories

By Siya Mcuta The sound of a guitar shook me so deeply that I felt myself tremble. As I allowed the music to take over and filter through my body I felt scared. Like it was happening all over again… I became a victim ,again. When the chords filled my ears they took me back, […]
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by Lone Poeticsoul If she be like melody, to me, can we reach the highest cloud with this note…? Dear God …grant us the universe ….. To be with she and not be cursed…..we want to be heard!! I want these evolutions of love to vibrate…in silence… not SILENT!! This is we unrehearsed… release the […]
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