HOLAA Loves: Free Space/#PleaseHer dialogue – Creation of a space to speak sex with Mbongomuffin and Iranti Org

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We recently partnered with the amazing Mbongomuffin to host a space for Iranti Org, in Johannesburg entitled “Queer” Safe Sex – ”It’s time for women* to talk about SEX” Iranti sought to create ‘A day about politics and the womxn’s body and its intersection with sexual health. The women’s* body is a politic that has evolved […]
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I am tired of bad sex

By Ruby Woo I am tired of bad sex. Now don’t get me wrong: throughout my twenties, I have had some of the most adventurous and thrilling sexual experiences . But this period also came with some very awkward, uncomfortable and downright dis-pleasurable sexual encounters. And unfortunately, for many women dating cisgender straight men, this […]
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