Black Women Be Like and ourselves live tweet quotes about black women faking orgasms under the tag #BlackWomensBigO (Storify)

We slid into the DMs, the whatsapps, private convos and all the intimate spaces to ask women around the continent about whether they had faked orgasms. We got some awesome solid quotes and we loved it! Here they are. Here are some other storifies that we have done. Here is the podcast that inspired this […]
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By Fran She asks me to stand up, stand right in front of her. She tells me to undo my pants and lower them. I hesitate. This is not what I signed up for. She asks me again as her eyes dance with childlike curiosity. I oblige. She watches me silently as I fiddle with […]
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Am I good in bed?

 By Souffle If you were to ask each of your sexual partners past and present, each would probably give different answers to this question based on their perception of your performance. Truth be told, no one can judge their own performance in bed. It is judged by the receiving party- always. And as much as […]
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