HOLAAfrica, African LGBTI, Queer Women, Love, Erotica
By Milian Miles The entire trip home I fantasized about my warm sheets and the comfort that darkness would bring when closing in on my thoughts. It had been a long day at work; dealing with disgruntled clients and overbearing bosses. I was spent.  I was barely getting through my days and I started to […]
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Under My Shadow

By Auqmy Have you ever wondered how it would be like to visit your for christmas, winter breaks, holidays and sit down to have those ‘girl talks’? The kind where you open up and talk about everything – including relationships; by relationships I am referring to chats about boys, although in my case it’s a […]
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Unfaded Memories

  By Lara Gemini Poet I saw your shadow downstairs and it waved good morning as my soul still fails to wave goodbye. It stood there, leaning against the same wall I had you on when we kissed to christen our new home. You said my lips were crusty and made me a cheese sandwich […]
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