Getting Bi.

By Tshegofatso I guess I’ve always identified as Bisexual. Before I even knew that such a label existed I was attracted to both boys and girls and it wasn’t an issue for me. In my eyes I liked who I liked and I felt no need to tell anyone or to explain it. The first sign that […]
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HIV and ME: African LGBTI Women speak on HIV/Aids – Pt II

A moment ago we put out a call to start a conversation about how Afro-Queer Women understand, experience and deal with HIV/Aids.  Below are the second round of thoughts from African LGBTQI women. All responses were submitted anonymously through the HOLAA HIV/Aids submission form. We hope that by reading some of these responses you too will be encouraged […]
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Ouvre-moi, fais-toi plaisir, mais protège-toi ! [Unwrap me, indulge, but cover your tools!]

Voilà ce que les femmes disent pour la plupart une fois qu’elles ont appris les mythes et les faits du sexe entre lesbiennes (entre femmes). Mais c’est à travers la dure réalité que les femmes découvrent tout cela en majorité, quand elles attrapent des MST ou le VIH et le SIDA. Assez bizarrement, beaucoup pensent […]
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