*Trigger Warning: Drugs, death substance abuse.* By Nthabiseng Ntshala We met, spoke, laughed and fell in love. We learnt, accepted each other and even got addicted to each other. We took each other’s bad habits and made them our own, individually. I forgot my values and my beliefs. Her presence in my life mattered so […]
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Getting It Right: LGBT women and HIV/AIDS

By Tatenda Muranda Post-colonial Africa has become an exciting space for LGBT activism because of the vast possibilities for change. Within the African regional human rights system there is no explicit recognition of the right to non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but this has not stopped African LGBT movements from making headway in […]
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What is a lesbian?

By Kagure Mugo/@tiffmugo ‘What is lesbian now?’ With this phrase you feel the need to begin explaining to your grandmother about ‘queer theory’ and the diffusion of human rights and international instruments that hold states accountable to macro obligations. Problem is these terms and phrases mean nothing to her. You try to tell her about […]
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