Let’s talk ‘Labels’

By Audi / @soniaaudi1 There is a lot to me. I stand for the Punk ideals of Anarchy and direct action, but there are days when I think a little Hippie flower power would not hurt. I’m head over heels in love with androgynous bodies, yet I cannot decide whether or not I love femininity […]
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Dildo Dynamix

By Annonymous I recall packing for a trip when my heterosexual male friend reminded me, jokingly, to pack my vibrator. In a state of excitement ( because of the kind reminder) I dashed into my bedroom and pulled out my tiny purple vibrator – a birthday present from two naughty friends. This purple vibrator has […]
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By Nana Brantuo Does my presence make you uneasy? Does my story force you to face truths and realities you’d rather ignore? That’s unfortunate You see, I’ve lived my life Recalling that day Remembering that hour Jumping at the touch of foreign hands Shivering meeting unfamiliar eyes I can’t seem to understand who plays the […]
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