Sur l’importance de parler du viol au sein des communautés lesbiennes

Siphumeze Khundayi, Ithongo Musings, Queer, QWOC, same sex abuse, #QueeringTheCloak
Par NYAR Afrika For the english version click here Serait-ce la goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase ? Que feriez-vous si elle disait non ? Cela fait maintenant des jours que vous vous y préparez ; textos coquins, avances subtiles çà et là… Vient enfin l’heure de passer à l’action. Vous commencez à l’embrasser, la caressez et soudainement,… […]
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A Meal

By Baby Dyke “You are not eating.” It had been her idea to come to this place, I would have settled for a decent burger and some wine. Furthermore, with the plans I had in mind, it would have been better if we were home. She cleared her throat, licked her lips and a pang […]
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Nyelethi (short story)

*Trigger warning: abelist language by NYAR Afrika “Are you okay?” I ask her as I gently kiss her neck. “mmh” she mumbles, her mind seemingly far away. “You are thinking of your husband again.” She goes unnaturally still in my arms. “No” she blatantly lies. “I am thinking about us.” That surprises me. She never […]
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