I am tired of bad sex

By Ruby Woo I am tired of bad sex. Now don’t get me wrong: throughout my twenties, I have had some of the most adventurous and thrilling sexual experiences . But this period also came with some very awkward, uncomfortable and downright dis-pleasurable sexual encounters. And unfortunately, for many women dating cisgender straight men, this […]
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So, I Let a Guy Fuck Me

African Sexualities, African Queer Women, LGBTI
By Dyke Road/@dykeroadbaby So I let a guy fuck me. It wasn’t cloth-ripping or somewhat perverted. It wasn’t hot in a twisted way sex like Frankie and Jay’s on Lip service. There was nothing hot about it. All that it was, was low. I wan’t even hot before I broke down and cried. I didn’t cry in front of him. […]
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On being a gender outsider

By Sté The more I grow up, the less I feel… womanly. It can be a bit of a surprise to most of the people who’ve seen the skirt – wearing, nail – polish-ed, glitter-and-all-types-of-sweetness person that I am. Wherever I go, in all the spaces I’ve been in, queer or not, I have always […]
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For Bae

By Annonymous You have not stopped taking my breath away. From the very first time I saw you I experienced that exquisite sensation of my lungs filling with air and catching just before a huge gush of oxygen exploded out of me and everything about the world seemed… perfect. You have not stopped being magical. […]
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Execute isitabane

By Gabisile Mthembu The life of a butch woman is full of hate, Her life executed in a blink of eye, Sent into a shadow of sorrow, Humanity no longer exists. Heartless women celebrate the death of another woman “azifevelelezitabane ” No mercy. I fear the cold hearts of homophobic women. Celebrating the struggles of […]
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