HOLAA, African sexualities, LGBTI, coming out,
By Sibu Malungu I am awake Dreams have been shattered Thank you I am grateful I am in pain My hope for us is gone But it’s okay Now I can fully embrace another Damn, I am here again? Lying to myself When I know that my heart may never heal My hope may never […]
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A Painful Truth

By Dolly I’m so afraid to feel. To feel something real. I’ve felt something before. And it still hurts. I’m afraid of letting you in Giving you that opportunity To hurt me No one ever does it consciously But it’s done There’s always a loser in the corner Defeated by the unsuspected blows There’s always […]
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Always waiting

By Queen Vee She left me with the words I’ll be back by eight. At the back of my mind I knew she was leaving for the night. That she was not coming back till morning. What hurt the most was not that she left, but the fact that she didn’t even consider staying. I […]
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A Story Of Love

By Waruiru/ @waruish It has been 5 days, 4 nights, 7 hours and 27 no, 28 minutes since I really looked at you. With every BBM and every WhatsApp message the excitement grows more and more. I cannot wait to taste your lips, to look into your eyes through your crooked glasses, to hug you […]
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The Last Call

By Mapula S. Lehong Its repetition, repetition of the same song The loud gong of words gone wrong Echoes of pain in that last call.   I love you, I love you…I hate that I love you… I hate that I keep calling   While thoughts juggle anger and frustration Our words bloody like the chaos […]
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Anonymous Love

by Nthabiseng Intsomi yothando lam My once upon a time story My story with no happily ever after the story that ends with tears and once believed to have gotten over fears I cried the pain away I converted the frowns to smiles or so I believed so I imagined and lived
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